Praying for all those involved with or affected by the current pandemic

Prayer may be the most helpful and meaningful thing we can do for the relief of this pandemic.

“Our prayers may be awkward. Our attempts may be feeble. But since the power of prayer is in the one who hears it and not in the one who says it, our prayers do make a difference.” – Max Lucado

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– Prayer of gratitude that there are many people able to return back to work from stage 3, which means many networks will be reconnected and another level of support could be provided for many vulnerable humans (especially children).

-Praise God for the collaborative effort that has happened over the lock down period between the different organisations and churches across Stellenbosch.

– Thank you Lord for the NGO’s that have been working for years in the communities and have real relationships to link people of need to the relief efforts.

Health care services

– Heavenly Father, thank You for the front- liners caring for, protecting, and serving our communities, our families, and us.

– Thank You for these servant leaders, called to this work, trained for such a time as this, daily risking their own health and safety for others. 


-Prayer of thankfulness for our government and leadership for their bold stance pointing to prayer as part of the response.


Prayer Requests

High level education decision makers and school principals

– Pray for wisdom for the education minister making decisions for the basic education system. Pray for wisdom in strategy and for the most vulnerable and under resourced to be thought of and provided for.

– Pray for wisdom for implementing next stage regulations and how to go about implementing it. Pray for unity among the goverment to make united decisions and to be able to make decisions that are best for each province.

-Pray for the principals as there is a massive amount of pressure for schools to adapt and implement many new regulations, while juggling the well being and concerns of staff, parents and children. Pray for clarity of mind and wisdom when making decisions for all parties involved in schools and pray for support from the communities rather than critiques only.

Strengthened networks and strategies

– Prayer for the Stellenbosch Unite effort as they pilot the feeding scheme via soup kitchens and partner restaurants. Pray for wisdom about carrying out this strategy, as it could enable more people being fed in a cheaper way which means the efforts could go on for longer, but the carrying out at the actual feeding points will need be be managed well to avoid the spread of the virus.

-Pray for continued strengthening of existing relationships for the relief efforts as they go into the next phase of continuing to provide for those in need of food.

-We pray against the schemes that are out to bring destruction where harmony and peace is most needed amongst organisations and benficiaries.

Volunteers & essential service workers

– Please pray for a renewed sense of energy to keep operating within these conditions. The reality of this being a long term reality is setting in and we cry out for deep rest when off and the strength to keep going, even when things appear hopeless and pointless.

-Pray for protection from harm. Give them courage and strength. Draw close, Lord, and let them feel Your presence throughout the long hours they are working.

– Pray for those volunteers and employees who don’t know Christ. Pray for opportunities for the gospel to be shared with them, for the hope of Jesus the only way to reason and continue in the times of chaos , uncertainty and suffering

Protection within unrest and frustration

– Pray for calmness in communities to continue- particularly unrest linked to food distribution as the lock-down continues to take its toll on people’s livelihoods.

– Pray for protection against the schemes of those looking to take advantage of the lock down circumstances and against the actions that take advantage of the most vulnerable at this time. “There is lots of fear around testing, people taking advantage of the door to door thing and robbing people.”

– Pray for the protection of those who are distributing food and other resources. These are connected community members, and we pray that they will be able to distribute without feeling threatened or attacked as they continue to link food and the most vulnerable of the communities.

– Pray for the protection of facilities that are closed in adherence to the lock down. Protect schools, shops and delivery trucks against the evil and selfish schemes of criminals.

Businesses and employers

– Pray for the efficient and active pursuit of government relief funds to support staff that may be going into a month with no financial input.

– Lord we ask for business owners to act in the best interest of their staff and their livelihoods, especially as there are many businesses able to start operating again.


Calling Academy

Decisions for the school

-Pray for wisdom for the admissions process. They are getting many applications  for grade 8’s next year but can only choose 64.

-Pray for wisdom for the decisions that need to take place within the school such as school terms.

-The department has been said that no other extramural or other activities that are not academic can happen for the rest of the year which affects the connect groups being able to meet in their usual time slots- pray for a way for continue to these groups meeting, even on a virtual platform.

-Pray for fund raising for the expansion of the school premiss. They have received updated plans from the architect, and need provision for the funds to expand for this year, God willing.


-All learners are back at school on alternating days. Please pray that they will manage the whole situation with wisdom. There are some positive cases in the families we serve so it is a tricky thing. Pray for the learners to be at peace with whatever their parents decide, and for no fear or anxiety if they do return to school.

-Lord, we ask for continued deepining of family units within this time of level 3 lock down.

– We also pray against any stress or tension within households due to financial stress and consequences of the lock down.


-Pray for the health of the staff members- their presence and health is essential to suport the adapted structures of the function of the school.

-Prayer of gratitude for the staff that have as they have been working very hard behind the scenes.

-Pray for wisdom and sound minds as teachers continue to create environment and ways of learning that is conducive for learning.



Khula Development Group

Back at work

– Pray for protection and health for the staff as they are in the office half week and are active within the communities where the kids live

-Pray for wisdom and guidance as to how and what to focus on each week to best support the kids, and against feeling of being overwhelmed of all the areas that could need focus to best support the kids.

-There will be continued check in’s with the kids. We pray for real needs to be revealed in this process and for the interventions to be carried out where necessary in the best interest of the children.

-Pray for their planning of at home schooling and curriculum layout for the staff to go into homes to help this process.

Most primary school grades returning to school

-Pray for the teachers of the Khula children that have returned to work.  Pray for the motivation to do the best that they can to support the students, for creative options and ideas. Prayer for guidance as they navigate what to focus on and how to keep them on track for the academic year.

-Prayer for a large chunck of the khula kids in the Khula network allowed to go back to school. Pray for their families to encourage them to go to school rather than acting out of a place of fear and anxiety. Pray for the desire of the kids to go back to school and to be motivated to work hard and finish the school year.

Hearts of the Khula parents

– Pray for the hearts of the parents to be continued to be turned to the hearts of the children during this time. Prayer for support for school work to be fostered and a focus.

– We ask for an awakening of responsibility and accountability that the Khula parents need to play in these children lives that maybe have not been doing so in the past.

– We ask for growth in understanding of the importance of building relationship and building into their futures as parents/ primary care givers.

-Prayer for all the parents that lost jobs due to lock down and continued regulations. Pray for providence to those most in need as well as wisdom in how best to use resources that are limited to care for their families.

Drop- out at risk children

– Pray for the impact that closed schools will have on the already at risk of dropping out children.

– Pray for younger children who are already behind at school to not be demotivated by the fact that they are not able to go back to school yet. Lord, we ask that they will go back to school when they do open again.

-Pray for resources to be provided by the schools and that they attempt the school work at home and to feel that they can ask for help from those around them.


Kin Culture

Kin Culture's donors and funding applications

– Pray for the several applications for funding that was handed in and provision in this area. Prayer of gratitude for the one’s that have been granted and responded to.

– Pray for continued and faithful giving from the partners to keep the operations going forward.

– Pray for wisdom for Kin as they adapt their structures and the way they will be operating to be focused on what is the most needed in the service and support they provide.

-Kin’s MySchool support has also significantly decreased over this lock down period. Pray for a new wave of sign ups as they plan to run forward with a campaign to potentially raise support via this avenue.

Specific Foster families requests

-Prayer for the kids and parents as they adapt again to school being part of the routine.Pray for peace and against any fear for the the safety of the kids ones who are going to school next week.

-Family 1: Their business is really taking strain at the moment, so please pray for breakthrough in this regard.

-Family 2: They are currently living in a house that they are renting, but the lease is ending and the owners are needing to move back.  The husband of the family is also only working on commission, so the prospect of looking for and securing a new house is going to be very challenging. Please pray for open doors and the moving process to be as stress free as possible.

-Family 3: Single mom with a teenage daughter and 3 year old son. Asking for prayer and guidance of if she must take in another child. Also asked for prayer for her teenage daughter as this time has triggered some deep loneliness and abandonment during this time of lock down.

– Family 4: Prayer for a family member who is struggling with high blood pressure. Prayer for effective intervention to help correct side effects of condition and supernatural energy to continue daily routines.

– Family 5: Really battling with sleepless nights with their child and work at home conditions are really being stretched. Prayer for deep rest when it does happen and supernatural energy to be able to be efficient and productive during the days on minimal sleep.

-Family 6: Awaiting screening process to be able to start fostering. Pray for removal of barriers and for the process to go as smoothly as possible.

Kin new foster families and partnerships with churches

– Prayer for their relationships with churches to shed light on the great need there is for foster parents.

-Prayer for wisdom in how to share the heart of foster care that will open up conversations and possibilities about foster care, that will debunk some of the myths of fostering.

-Prayer for new partnerships to take place for Kin and other churches across Stellenbosch.

-This past weekend, Kin hosted an alternative care information session for those who were looking into foster care or are ready to take the next steps. Thank you Lord for these 6/ 7 families. Pray for the process and next steps to not be hindered too much by the lock down regulations.

Youth Outreach

Drop-in centre

-We pray for the piloting of a satellite site at a small premises in Jamestown where there will be children fed twice a day, with a new half day employee. Thank you Lord for your faithfulness in this area and the growth of Youth Outreach’s reach to step up where there is a need.

-There is inconsistency in the number of children coming for food at the centre (up to 40 children on one day and less than 10 on others). Lord, we pray that the children and the families value Youth Outreach as a place for help and an area of consistency within their weekly struggle of accessing resources (such as food).

– Pray for fostering of new relationships with the children and the centre- that they discover it as a place of safety and somewhere they will continue to come beyond the lock down period.

In-house place of safety

-Pray for the staff and the children’s safety and that they will stay healthy as well as their families.

-Pray that our children will remain positive, that our children’s behaviour will remain positive and good.

– Pray that our children will respect each other and the staff.

– Pray that our staff will remain motivated and maintain a positive attitude.