“Our prayers may be awkward. Our attempts may be feeble. But since the power of prayer is in the one who hears it and not in the one who says it, our prayers do make a difference.” – Max Lucado


Calling Academy


– They have been operating at full capacity since April and this has been a contributing factor to the boys’ academics. Many of our boys do not have favourable circumstances at home, which makes self-study quite challenging. Praise God for safe space that Calling has become for the boys.

– 5 boys have indicated a desire for further discipleship. Praise God for salvations!

– The interns are having a valuable impact in the school while growing and learning themselves. Praise God for His blessing over the entire intern program.

– There are 2 new staff members taking over a vital position on staff for the remainder of 2021. Praise for God’s perfect timing and how he brings and releases people for His purposes.



Building project for the school

– Their building project to expand the school grounds is going to start this month, they are only awaiting on approval from the district road authorities. All other building plans have been approved. Please pray for for the final approval and that the process will not be delayed or that we will not encounter any hiccups with the road authorities.

– Pray for funding of the building project! Werner (the principle) is submitting several funding proposals this month and they are trusting for favourable outcomes. 

School boys

– This term is aimed at getting the boys ready for June exams. Prayer for those preparations to go well and that the boys are dedicated and able to work hard.

– Pray for the salvations of all the boys. The connect groups and Future Father programs are aimed specifically at discipleship. Pray for these spaces to be fruitful in salvations and the boys growing in meaningful relationship with their Father, providing identity, purpose and healing of brokenness.


-Pray for the health of the staff members- their presence and health is essential to suport the adapted structures of the function of the school.

-Prayer for the term ahead as they are aimed at preparing for the June exams. Prayer for wisdom, strength and stamina to get the boys through the work.

-Pray for the 2 new staff members that are starting this term- it is always a challenge to start mid- year, so pray for a smooth transition into their positions and for as little disruption to the boys as possible.



Khula Development Group


– Praise God for the strategic changes happening in the organisation that were as a result of COVID regulations and their inability to continue working as they had before. Praise God for His hand in showing them where He wants to use them.

– Praise God for the success of the intern project that Khula was vital in carrying out and that it has been extended and is rolling out across the country.

– Praise God for providing a social worker that fits Khula so well. 

Intern project

– Pray for protection and health for all the interns. They are operating in the communities and we ask for their lives and efforts to be protected, as well as all those they come into contact with.

-Pray for the spiritual growth for each intern that working alongside Khula provides the opportunity to do. 

-There are interviews happening for more interns. Prayer for the interviewing process, for the training that will follow and for a unity among all the interns.


Khula strategic changes

-Pray for the leaders and decision makers as they roll out the structure and operations of Khula. Prayer for wisdom and sensitivity to Spirit for direction and decions.

-Prayer for the staff of Khula as they adjust to new roles.

– Prayer for continued spiritual growth and maturity for each of the staff members. The work that they do on a daily basis cannot sustainably be done in their own strength and the eternal perspective of the hope we have in Christ is fundamental for their well being as well as that of the children the serve.

Kin Culture


– In February and March, 5 children were placed with Kin Culture families. Praise God for these placements!

– Two siblings have been placed in the same household and now have the opportunity to grow up together. Praise God for His kindness in this situation.

– They have been able to build new relationships with churches and have met new foster families. Praise God for raising up more families for fostering.

– They had a successful #5k4kin fundraising campaign in which over R40 000 was raised. Praise God for His providence through this effort.



New foster families and partnerships with churches

– Prayer for their relationships with churches to shed light on the great need there is for foster parents.

-Prayer for wisdom in how to share the heart of foster care that will open up conversations and possibilities about foster care, that will debunk some of the myths of fostering.

-Prayer for new partnerships to take place for Kin and other churches across Stellenbosch.


Specific Foster family's requests

-Prayer for a family wants to adopt a child, but biological parent issues. Asking God for wisdom on the way forward and to trust His timing.

– Family with a teenage son who is struggling with his knee after an accident. It looks like there is damage that they did not pick up on before. Prayer for healing and clarity of what the issue is and how to go forward.

– Single mom of two was told recently that her landlord wants to sell where they are currently staying. Prayer for clarity on what the way forward for them should be. Also, prayer for peace and settling of the children as moving affects their stability massively.

-Family with girl in safety care asking for prayer for the best option for her foster care placement to be made clear and for it to most benefit her well being.

Advocacy and fundraising campaigns

– Pray for the upcoming blueberry season, that it is fruitful and builds on the successes of the previous years.

– Pray for the new social club fundraiser that has just been launched. Prayer for momentum to make the campaign successful and for awareness of Kin Culture and foster care to be made known to all those involved.

– Pray for the World Foster Day is coming up on 31 May. Prayer for planning of this event and for open doors for Kin to talk about foster care, for soft hearts for those who will be hearing about Kin and fostering as a whole and for limited stress and anxiety for the staff to be caused through this campaign.


Youth Outreach


– There are plans for growth and development to utilise the building for increased capacity. Praise to God for sustaining Youth Outreach over the years it has existed and for what He is going to continue growing it to be.

– Prayer of gratitude for a successful interview process for a social worker for the drop- in center, who will be starting in May.


Drop-in centre

– There is a new social worker starting on the 10th of May 2021. Prayer for integration into the team and the family of Youth Outreach.  

-The Jamestown pre- school project that started in 2020. Prayer for continued blessing over those kids and their families as a result of regular and consistent investement by the staff.

– Pray for fostering of new relationships with the children and the centre- that they discover it as a place of safety and somewhere they will continue to come beyond the lock down period.

In-house place of safety

– Prayer for the staff and children as they adapt to the split timetables and only going to school half of the week. Prayer for continued motivation from the kiddos to do their work and for the staff and volunteers to take on some of the academic responsibility.

-Continued prayer for the staff and the children’s healthy as well as their families.

-Continued prayer that the children will remain positive and their behaviour will remain positive and good.

-Pray that our staff will remain motivated and maintain a positive attitude.