COVID-19 Relief

Mobilising Christ-followers to help the vulnerable in times of crisis

Providing spiritual, physical, and practical support to minimize the effects of COVID-19 and its economic implications on the Stellenbosch community. 

Where are we now?

Phase 1


May include:
  • Information distribution
  • Food security for families
  • Hygiene education and supplies

Phase 2


May include:
  • Food security
  • Transport
  • Medical care
  • Hygiene

Phase 3


May include:
  • Grief counseling
  • Job seeking
  • Restoration of ‘normal

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Stellenbosch Unite was established as a collaborative effort to attend to the basic needs of the most vulnerable across the whole of Stellenbosch.

The initiative brings together:

How have they helped?

Food security has been the biggest need for the many residents who have lost their income due to the lockdown. Stellenbosch Unite has assisted vulnerable community members during the COVID-19 pandemic with:

Food Parcels Distributed

Litres of Soup Made

Food Vouchers Purchased

Stellenbosch Unite funding depleted

The week of 17-21 August, Stellenbosch Unite informed all its coordinators and beneficiaries that: “Our food funding has been depleted and that this week will be the last week of food parcel and soup distribution. Please note that the voucher system will continue until the end of September for existing beneficiaries, but no new applications can be accepted. We wish you all well and assure you that we will continue to seek additional funding.”

Stellenbosch Unite needs R230 000 per week to sustain the support they have been providing.

If you would like to find out about the status of or to contribute towards these efforts, please contact Jeanerette at


Stay at Home

Staying at home protects others vulnerable to the disease.


Our partners and many vulnerable people need prayer. Prayer meetings|13:00-13:30|Mon, Wed, Fri.

Stay Informed

Find official government COVID-19 sats and resources.

Donate to Stellenbosch Unite

Support Stellenbosch Unite’s food distribution efforts financially.


Members of civil society can make a donation to Stellenbosch Unite. These funds will be distributed to the channels appointed to continue operating over the entire Stellenbosch area.

Donations can be paid to: Greater Stellenbosch Development Trust; FNB Stellenbosch Branch 200610; Account nr: 621 645 89 833; Reference: COVID-19 Feeding (tax certificates available) or using the Snapscan code.


or contact Robyn: 071 864 6262 |

Feel free to contact Robyn if you know of people in need of support (food, masks, CVs, etc.).


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